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open hours 10:00-17:00 (last admission at 16:30)

closed on Monday

(if monday falls on a holiday, it will be open and closed next day)

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our vision

Director’s message

 I worked on the paint handling for many years, learned the difference between dye and pigment, also the relationship between color and light. Then I met Nihonga, I was shocked by the depth and the glamour of it. Brilliance of rock painting, different coloring depending on material, broad expression by shading... I was fascinated by the depths of Nihonga and wanted to experience more, and see them closer. Therefore I began collecting artworks.


 Nowadays, you can obtain any information in the digital world. However, how could you tell the size or texture of the artworks through pictures and images, would your heart shake the same? In particular, you can’t experience the deep expression of Nihonga such as the coloring of rock paints with different appearance by light and precise depiction unless you see the work directly.


 I want to let the world know the beauty of Nihonga, let children of the future know Japanese traditional culture. I want all of you to experience Nihonga in person. This is how I began collecting Nihonga created by awarded artists, and finally led to open this museum.


 I aim to make this place somewhere anybody can casually come by and relax.

I hope this museum will be the new face of historic city hamadera hagoromo, lead to revitalization of this area in the future.

 I am looking forward to your visit from the bottom of my heart.


Director, Eiki Kobayashi

Director’s Biography

Eiki Kobayashi

born in 1943(showa 18) Izumi City, Osaka

graduated from faculty of Engineering, Kansai University

(work history)

April 1966:joined Sakata Shokai (now Sakata INX)

June 1974:established Kobayashi paint store

Nov 1975:changed name to Kobayashi paint industry co.,ltd

April 1996:head office relocated to Takaishi city in Osaka

2016:established Kobayashi museum

About our collection

 We collected the creations by all the 39 artists who were awarded the order of culture including Seiho Takeuchi, Kaii Higashiyama and Ikuo Hirayama based on the director’s intention. Every single artwork is a excellent piece with full of personalities of painters.

 We currently are holding about 350 pieces.  You can always enjoy the charm of world class Nihonga through special themed exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions tailored to the seasons.

Kobayashi Museum of Art

Kobayashi Art Museum overview

Hamadera park with beautiful pine grove which used to be called “Takashi no Hama” since Manyo period. Kobayashi museum opened right next to this green park in June 2016.

You can enjoy the artworks closely in the exhibition room on the 2nd & the 3rd floor.

We have special exhibitions 4 times a year as well as permanent exhibitions.

Also, there is a curator-led exhibition tour once or twice a week.

On the 1st floor, you will see a cafe facing the courtyard and gallery with various paintings.


You can witness all the creations made by Japanese artists who received the honor of the order of culture.

We have the nihonga created by all the 39 artists including Seiho Takeuchi, Kaii Higashiyama and Ikuo Hirayama.

You can take a closer look at the art.

You can experience the arts closely without showcase.

There is a tour for the exhibition frequently.

No charge, no reservation required.

Our vision

2-2-30 Hagoromo, Takaishi-shi, Osaka 592-0002

(4min walk from Nankai Main Line, Hagoromo st. or JR Higashi-Hagoromo st.)

parking available

open hours 10:00-17:00 (last admission at 16:30)

closed on Monday (if monday falls on a holiday, it will be open and closed next day)

phone: +81-72-262-2600

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